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BekashTandoori Restaurant, is one of the best authentic Indian Food provider in the region. Bekash Tandoori Restaurant and Take Away has been reviewed by many MPs, Organizations and customers since its journey to success. Followings were published in the local magazine after winning 3 excellent awards within the last two years. If there is one South Asian restaurateur in Britain who has an aptitude for self promotion and the promotion of his business, it is Mr. Sulaman Ahmed. The Bekash in Romford has become renowned for hosting various celebrities and politicians and has won numerous accolades since opening in 1993. Spice Times sat down and talked to Mr. Solly Ahmed, or Solly as he is known throughout the catering industry and throughout the local community, about his achievements and the wonderful opportunities his passion and dedication for his business has brought him.

As one enters The Bekash they cannot fail to notice the legacy of famous guests who have eaten there — a wall by the door proudly displays a vast collection of framed photographs showing an assortment of figures from the worlds of sport, politics and entertainment enjoying the food and hospitality at the restaurant. One photo shows former Conservative prime-minister Maggie Thatcher standing next to Solly, whilst another shows celebrated TV presenters Ant and Dec smiling and sitting down to enjoy a meal. “I worked very hard to establish a name for myself and the restaurant through word of mouth and it wasn’t easy at first”, Solly told me. His tireless flair for self promotion and affable nature soon attracted many people to the restaurant, amongst them locally based celebrities such as Tony AdamsLes Ferdinand and Steve Davis. As both Solly and The Bekash’s reputation grew more .

Famous people began to eat there such as the aforementioned Ant and Dec and former England rugby union captain and Question of Sport team leader Bill Beaumont. “Any publicity is good publicity!” is one of Solly’s maxims and through his continual work in the local community he has become a friendly public face to attach to The Bekash
Promotion and attracting big names is one thing, living up to the hype generated is another. Solly and his team have more than managed to do that and have been handed a host of prodigious awards throughout therestaurant’s history both for the establishment’s food and hostaliity. In 2005 Solly and The Bekash won the “Best Ethnic Experience” award at the Archant Food & Drink awards and was presented the prize by well-known chef Anthony Worrell-Thompson. Says the Archant Food & Drink Awards website:”As a well known local character, Solly is always charming to his guests and the dining experience at the Bekash cannot be faulted”. In 2007 The Bekash won the highly coveted House of Commons Tiffii Cup Award for the Best South Asian Restaurant in the UK. The Tiffin Cup is an annual curry competition organised by MPs from all parties applaud the quality of South Asian food, and raise money for ch arity.t from around the country vote for their favourite South Asian restaurant from within their constituency and The Bekash was voted for by the for Romford Andrew Rosindell.